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Yazuac on a map of Alagaësia

"It's a small village situated by the Ninor River."
— Brom

Yazuac was one of the many villages obliterated by the Broddring Empire during the Northern Massacres. It was completely wiped out by Urgals, held under control of the Broddring Empire by the Shade Durza. What made Eragon most angry was the baby on top of the pile of the dead, an Urgal spear embedded in its side. A raven made to eat the baby, but Eragon stopped it by shooting it with his bow.[1] It was also this anger that allowed him to first use magic.

It was populated by around two hundred people at its peak and was bordered by the Ninor River.

It was here where Eragon partook in his first battle and first used magic, when he killed two Urgals.

Yazuac was not in the film, but using a magic arrow for the first time was depicted in the movie, except in the town of Daret.

References Edit

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