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Worshipers of Helgrind is the 34th chapter of Eragon. It takes the point of view of Eragon.

Summary Edit

Eragon wakes up to find a note from Brom letting him explore Dras-Leona. He wanders the city, eventually coming upon slave auctioners. Eragon becomes enraged and raises his hand, tempted to free the slave being auctioned. He stops himself realizing the slave would not be able to get away and it's foolish to do something so overt. He becomes steeled to use his powers for good, realizing he could help prevent things like these if he opposed the Empire.

Eragon comes upon a cathedral. It seems erie and makes him uneasy, though he enters. At the altar, he bowes and pays homage to those who have fallen victim to the cruel religion of Dras-Leona. As he turns to leave the Ra'zac are in the door. Eragon feels the pent up lust for vengeance and fires arrows at them, which the Ra'zac avoid. As they rush towards him he leaves through a vestibule and continues through the chambers of the cathedral until he comes to a garden with a high wall.

He manages to jump the wall and communicates with Saphira. She warns Brom of the danger and relays Brom's instructions to Eragon. Brom and Eragon unite at the Golden Globe and rush towards the closing gate of Dras-Leona on horseback. Brom incapacitates the soldiers with magic while Eragon holds the gate. They escape and ride away from the city. While they are stopped to eat and discuss prior events Eragon's eye is drawn by slight movement. When he looks over he is knocked unconscious.

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