IW icon transparent This article describes content from a deleted scene or scenes. It may include material that is not considered canon.

Wolves were carnivorous dog-like animals that lived in wild places, such as the Spine and the plains and forests of Alagaësia. There was nothing in the Inheritance cycle that suggest wolves are different in any way from "Earth Wolves", Canis Lupus. Their reference in the series is insignificant, for instance the villagers were afraid of wolves in the Spine when pondering whether or not to depart from Carvahall to Surda and the Varden. The Shrrg were giant wolves that lived in the Beor Mountains.

In "Intersecting Sagas" from Brisingr, Eragon blessed a woman whom Saphira referred to as "Wolf-Eyes," due to some quality of her appearance which bore similarity to a wolf.

In a deleted scene included in the Deluxe Edition of Brisingr, the Urgal Svarvok sent a pack of wolves to chase after his son, Ahno the Trickster, who had taken the form of deer.

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