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Creator(s) Vali
Website URL
Launch Date August 3, 2005
Focus Role playing
Status offline

Werecat was a role-playing website based around the plot of the Inheritance cycle. On the site, members had the chance to express their characters actions and thoughts through writing, which would be read by other members. The role-playing was in the form of a PBP; that is, all of the role-playing was carried out in posts made on a forum, spanning a series of different boards. Werecat closed on 25 June, 2007.


In order to begin participating in the role-playing (see below), you would first have to write a biography of your character based, based on a format and guide provided by the website. Once you had posted the biography, a member of staff would review it. They would either allow you to start participating in the role-playing, or ask you to change certain aspects of your biography before accepting your character. Once a member of staff found your biography to be acceptable, you would advance to the position of Apprentice RPer (Role-Player). Not only would you now have access to the Start Your Journey board, you would also begin to role-play. Once you had advanced from Apprenticeship (as the stage of being an Apprentice RPer is called), you could create two additional characters, or replace your current one(s).


Role-playing was the name given to the process where one member writes the beginning of a story featuring their accepted character, leaving space for someone else's character to join in. For example, at the end of the player's first post, they might have seen a shadowy figure or heard a rustling in the distance. This gave an entrance for another character. The second character would post a reply, in which their own character encountered the other player's character. Generally, this would lead to some sort of adventure. At the end of the adventure, the role-play is declared finished and the members take their characters to participate in other role-plays.


There were a few highly-ranked players that acted as the managers and peacekeepers of the website. There were eight members on the staff team at Werecat's closure, though there have been additional team members in the past. The staff members acted very much as members of the site and participated in role-plays just the same as everyone else. Depending on the rank of the staff member, they had the power to delete and move topics and even ban players from using the site for any given period of time. When a player was an Apprentice RPer, they could be taken on by a member of staff and become that particular staff member's apprentice. The staff member would become that player's mentor as long as they were Apprentice RPers, and offer advice and guidance to the player. The leader of all staff and owner of Werecat was a player that went by the name of Vali.

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