The War of Iron was a conflict which "pitted humans against dwarves and knurlan against knurlan" in the days of the Dragon Riders.[1]

Background Edit

The profitable and rich iron mines in the foothills of the Beor Mountains were contested by various dwarf clans and the humans of Alagaësia. The human king Thedric attempted to solve the crisis by meeting with the dwarf Ivaldn in Furnost. However, his efforts failed. Conflict soon raged across the foothills.

The war Edit

Kvôth was notably besieged, leading to its destruction and much of eastern Surda would have experienced conflict. With seemingly no resolution, the Riders were finally forced to act to restore the peace.

Aftermath Edit

Humanity encroached into the Beors. The already suspicious dwarves retreated further into their halls of stone, having seen the work of the human Riders and their old enemies, the Dragons.

References Edit

  1., "Sixth Q&A with Christopher Paolini - May 2010", July 31, 2010

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