Spoiler Brisingr

Vermûnd was the leader of Dûrgrimst Az Sweldn rak Anhûin.

He attempted to assassinate Eragon while he was staying in Tronjheim, though he failed. When Grimstborith Orik told the story how he had found this out to the other clan chiefs, Vermûnd tried to outmaneuver the clanmeet by saying that Eragon was adopted into Dûrgrimst Ingietum so he was not a guest. However, he was found to be guilty by the readers-of-law lead by Rimmar. Once found guilty, he warned the other clan chiefs that any attempt to harm him or his clan, would be met with war. After being chastised by a couple of the other clan chiefs, Orik proposed to have the meet agree to leave Vermûnd completely alone. Orik further motioned to strip Vermûnd of all status and banish him from every knurlan kingdom. The clan chiefs agreed to this, so Vermûnd insulted the clan chiefs, but they merely ignored him, as if he did not exist. Furious, he grabbed at a clan chief, only to be stopped by guards. Vermûnd then stormed out.

Vermûnd's reasons for attempting to murder Eragon were because of the fact that during the Dragon War, Az Sweldn rak Anhûin was nearly wiped out, so they had a prejudice against all Dragon Riders.

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