Canonicity, the notion of approval in a series, has been quite disrupted for Inheritance with the changes made for the film. The suggestion regards templating on these grounds:


This category should be deployed for anything written in these books:

Also, material confirmed by Mr Paolini in interviews with websites such as should be placed into this, our highest category.


M-Canon, a lower level, should be used for any additions or other such changes made for the film. These were not recognised as official by Mr Paolini and contradict the books.


Lower still, as this is based on the film. The game incorporated unrealistic elements such as dead enemies disappearing, the ability of unlimited motion and the Throne Room bonus level.


This is suitable for the fiction on websites such as and Sverd Shelgr as well as unofficial works such as "Asbestos".


This is for real people, ideas, websites and organisations.


My suggestion is that templates similar to those already found on book chapters should be placed at section through the articles. These would place a small "CP", "M", "G", "Non" or "RL" at relevant article sections. For example, Eragon Bromsson would be "CP" almost throughout moving to "M" and "G" as we reach Portrayal in Adaptations. These would make the difference comprehensible to non-specialists after just five simple definitions have been learnt. The same strategy aids chapter recognition. Why can't we use it for all articles?

Wyvern Rex. 11:47, April 18, 2010 (UTC)

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