It has been predicted that Galbatorix will be slain by his greatest servant, but who is this servant? Some claim Thorn, others Murtagh and still others Shruikan. However, I believe that his greatest servants are the swords and Eldunarí of Riders and Dragons. Consider the name Unbitr (Wound Biter and Sword of Brom). If Galbatorix worked out Eragon's true name, their would be no great confrontation. But he is greedy, and would want to corrupt Eragon and Saphira in battle. He would use Undbitr to enrage Eragon. Of course, these swords have powerful stones in their hilts. My theory is that Eragon will be at the brink of defeat when he speaks his true name to Undbitr (With that Rock of Kuthian in its hilt.) and the power within shall open the Vault of the Eldunarí (the Vault of Souls) and release their spirits, destroying Galbatorix in the process. This would lend itself to the title Bromsson, As Eragon and Brom's sword are responsible.

Wyvern Rex. 11:25, April 16, 2010 (UTC)

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