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[[Arya Dröttningu [[Arya
[[Arya Dröttningu|Arya]] [[Arya]]
[[Arya|Arya]] [[Arya]]
[[Eragon Shadeslayer]] [[Eragon Bromsson|Eragon]]
[[Eragon Shadeslayer| [[Eragon Bromsson|
[[the Forsworn]] the [[The Forsworn|Forsworn]]
[[the Twins]] the [[The Twins|Twins]]
[[elven]] [[Elf|elven]]
[[elves]] [[Elf|elves]]
[[Rider]] [[Dragon Rider|Rider]]
[[Riders]] [[Dragon Rider|Riders]]
[[Dragon Riders]] [[Dragon Rider]]s
Eragon II Eragon Bromsson
Saphira II Saphira
Eldunari Eldunarí
Jarnunvosk Jarnunvösk
Ellesmera Ellesméra
Rhunon Rhunön
Islanzadi Islanzadí
Az Ragni Âz Ragni
dwarfs dwarves
Uru'baen Urû'baen
Faolin Fäolin

Jobs done

  • changed all [[Eragon Shadeslayer]] links to [[Eragon Bromsson]]
  • changed all [[Eragon II]] links to [[Eragon Bromsson]]
  • changed all [[Arya Dröttningu]] links to [[Arya]]
  • changed rights holder of File:Alagaesia.jpg and ca. 55 modified maps in Category:Maps to "Random House, Inc."
  • renamed "Category:Images by motive" to "Category:Images by motif"
  • removed redundant [[Category:The Drive to 1,000]] from some articles, category is added by message box template
  • replaced some erroneous links to user pages
  • replaced deprecated infobox templates on user pages with Template:Character
  • minor changes (typos, links etc.) in articles A-Z (~330 edits)
  • minor changes (external link templates, main-article template, categories etc.) (84 edits)
  • updated lots of Book 4 links to Inheritance (book)

To do

  • ...

Please leave a message in case you have additional jobs for my bot.

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