I want your opinion... I created new message box layouts. To tell the truth, the design is copied from wikipedia... ;-) You can take a look at the templates and some examples on my sandbox page.

At the moment every message box has its own layout source code. That's why every box looks a bit different from the others in height, width, margins etc. By using a layout meta-template not only all will look similar, but it will be possible to change all boxes' layout with one edit. So the three layouts are only suggestions and can be changed easily later, once the template is used by all message boxes.

What do you think of the three layouts? I think I prefer the second one. Maybe the first and third are a little bit too colorful. A problem is, that most message boxes will get bigger (in height, not in width). I use icons with 40x40px, so the images that are actually used in the stub message boxes will fit. The boxes are that big only because of the images... If we would use a simple icon, I could reduce the height.

Please tell me your opinion. --Weas-El talk | contribs ) 20:51, April 7, 2010 (UTC)

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