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July 29, 2009
  • Swisherboy19

    I spent a good deal of time some while ago writing a my long blog "Book IV Predictions", which I regret closing comments on. None the matter though. Since writing that blog, I have not only read and reread it, but read and reread other fans blogs/predictions as well. As you can see, I wrote that blog in 2009. It is now 2011. My thoughts have changed.

    Let me begin by saying that upon rereading my old blog, I realize how concerned with detail I was, when in fact I should be more concerned with concept. After Paolini released the title for Book IV, "Inheritance", I began reflecting on my old blog, and other fans' blogs, and realized how naive we all were. "Inheritance" is truly the simplest title for the book, and the best title for the book a…

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  • Swisherboy19

    Tonight, October 12, 2009, the Brisingr Deluxe Edition releases at midnight.

    Well, we've all been waiting for it: the Brisingr Deluxe Edition. It contains Galbatorix art by Paolini himself, a guide to dwarven runes by Paolini, art by John Jude Palancar, and much much more! Pick up your copy today! - or... wait... tomorrow!

    May your swords stay sharp, Inheriwiki!

    Please keep your comments civil, short, to the point, and good. Thank you!

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  • Swisherboy19

    This blog page is a blog of my predictions for Book IV. If I ever stumble upon new evidence supporting a theory of mine or debunking it, I will add it to this page. Feel free to copy and paste any of my predictions into forums, pages, your own posts, etc. etc.

    Christopher Paolini confirmed that the title would be an inheritance of Eragon's and as of right now in the series Eragon doesn't have many. I think the title of Book IV could be Aren because many have speculated it is the key to open the vault of souls. Aren also contains so much energy that it could be useful in Eragon's quest to defeat Galbatorix. It may give Eragon just the right amount of energy to cast that final blow. Or the title could be Naegling. Eragon could inherit Naeglin…

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  • Swisherboy19

    "Then, when all seems lost, go to the Rock of Kuthian and speak your name to open the Vault of Souls..." ~Solembum, in Eragon

    The theory is short and to the point, but yet still of massive proportions. Check it out.

    The Varden is defeated and destroyed, but Eragon and Saphira live, thus all hope gone for Eragon. Somehow, Murtagh changes his true name and escapes Galbatorix's clutches. Before he leaves Galbatorix however, he steals the green egg. He gives it to Arya, to whom the egg hatches. Then, the task of defeating Galbatorix would lie to the three remaining dragon riders. This would be the ultimate redemption: as Galbatorix rose to power by defeating the Riders, it would be the Riders task and the Riders task alone to defeat Galbator…

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