• Shurtagal

    Two circling dragons

    August 9, 2011 by Shurtagal

    who were the dragons in eragon's dream (the one with the boat, the dragons and the man crying on the shore)

    one of them must have been thorn because he was red and the other one probably was'nt saphira. because in the dream eragon mentions that he saw two dragons, but would'nt it make sense (if it was saphira) to say one dragon and saphira circling above. so the other dragon must be greeni.

    and for this reason i think saphira might die and go into her eldunari. leaving dragon's nearly extinct, and that might be why there are people boarding a boat they might be going to seek out female dragon's across the sea.

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  • Shurtagal

    there are pages on riders before the fall but all of these pages tend to have little or no facts on them. (some of the facts on their dragons and races are wrong). I am going to try and edit these pages but might need some info because I have lent my copies of eragon and eldest to someone and as good as my memory is I haven't read either book for a while.

    I need info on:

    • kialandi
    • formura
    • vrael
    • anurin

    and on the dragons:

    • miremel
    • briem the strong
    • gretiem
    • garzla

    please leave the info in the comment section. your help would be very useful. shurtagal 16:58, August 6, 2011 (UTC)

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