kvetha Fricaya!

I wonder if any of you nimrods ever thought that the last egg may not bond to anyone. Maybe galby will get so frustrated at not being able to get it to hatch that he will smash it. or, the werecats will steal it and then it could hatch for someone completely unexpected at the end of the book. The relationship between eragon and star wars is relevant. Cp has admitted it himself. it is also possible that the incantation that was supposed to be said over the egg never was completed, because of a battle or something.

also, if galbatorix is so much like sidious, then his fatal flaw must be his overconfidence in his own abilities. He will probably be killed by a freak accident, such as using a spell that drains the energy from him and his entire stock of eldunarya. The only problem with that is that he probably would have a hard time trying to find a spell strong enough to do that.

what if shruikan dies in a fight with thorn and saphira, and then galbatorix tries playing god and attempts to resurrect him , or tries to bring his old dragon back from the void. If he were to find the true name of the AL, he would probably be able to do that...

tell me what you guys think!

may your swords stay sharp!

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