Urgals (Generally)

It's hard not to wonder why there are so few mentions of the Urgal Dams in the entire Inheritance Cycle. Personally, I find Urgal's fasinating and when i learnt about the extraordinary feat that Eragon acomplished in Inheritance (Trying to to give away any spoliers here) i was drawn even more deeply into the series. Right at the end. Yes....bare with me.

So, inside my brilliant mind....(right!) i devised a plan. A plan to write a story/ novel/ fanfiction ect ect about Urgals. More specifically, about a Urgal Dam that has been choosen by a dragon egg to be its rider.

I'm purely doing this for a laugh...for myself. Ha! << See...laughed.

But, if anyone has written some Eargon fanfiction...please let me know! I don't have a account but i must rectify that soon.

That's my randomness over. Now all i need to do is try and find some suitable name for my character. I can't just call her Joe, can i?

Lee xx

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