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    I personally find it VERY sad that fans cannot think of a new way to "fix" the remaining movies. I also find it surprising that Eragon grosssed quite a bit more than Lightning Thief and yet it did NOT get a sequel!

    Take a look at this page:

    A lot have blamed the film for making some changes that will hinder the possible production of a sequel. For example, Roran leaves Palancar Valley just because he doesn't want to be drafted into the army, rather than to earn money to start his own family with Katrina (who did not appear in the film). They also made Brom hunt down and kill the Ra'zac, who are crucial to Eldest and the start of Brisingr. Also, they made Arya the princess of Ellesméra, but not an elf. Elves inhabiting Ellesméra are crucial t…

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