Saphira's mother was Vervada a wild dragon but, her sire was Iormúngr a dragon bonded to a Rider. It occurred to me that just as both Eragon and his father became Riders, perhaps, Vervada entrusted a single egg to the Riders, as a mark of love  for her mate Iormúngr, and out of respect for his heritage, resulting in Saphira being descended from a line bonded with Riders. I wonder whether Saphira's patrilineal line is as follows:

  1. Saphira bonded to Eragon,
  2. Iormúngr bonded to an unknown rider,
  3. Saphira the dragon bonded to Brom.

Conversely, it could be argued that Vervada was the daughter of the Saphira bonded to Brom, and that Vervada made a conscious choice to remain unbonded. becoming a wild dragon in the process, but that out of respect for both her mother and Brom  she consented and gave into the care of the Riders a single egg resulting in the following matrilineal line.

  1. Saphira who chose to hatch for and bond with Eragon because she sensed instinctually that he was her Rider 
  2. Vervada who chose to remain unbonded and became a wild dragon
  3. Saphira who chose to hatch for and bond with Brom because she sensed instinctually that he was her Rider 


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