• NJZimmermann

    Saphira's mother was Vervada a wild dragon but, her sire was Iormúngr a dragon bonded to a Rider. It occurred to me that just as both Eragon and his father became Riders, perhaps, Vervada entrusted a single egg to the Riders, as a mark of love  for her mate Iormúngr, and out of respect for his heritage, resulting in Saphira being descended from a line bonded with Riders. I wonder whether Saphira's patrilineal line is as follows:

    1. Saphira bonded to Eragon,
    2. Iormúngr bonded to an unknown rider,
    3. Saphira the dragon bonded to Brom.

    Conversely, it could be argued that Vervada was the daughter of the Saphira bonded to Brom, and that Vervada made a conscious choice to remain unbonded. becoming a wild dragon in the process, but that out of respect for bo…

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  • NJZimmermann

    In Brisingr when Eragon asked Oromis about the Rock of Kuthian Oromis stated that the name "struck a familiar chord in his memory" but that he could  not remember why. This response brought to mind three random thoughts on the topic.

    1. The Rock of Kuthian is an Eldunarí of one of dragons bonded to the Forsworn that was disgorged prior to the Banishing of Names and was immune from the effects that resulted from the Du Namar Aurboda
    2. The Rock of Kuthian is the Eldunarí of Jarnunvösk
    3. Given the reticence of  Islanzadí Dröttning, Oromis and Glaedr had about reavealing Eldunarí it seems plausible to assume that there may be other information that they withheld from Eragon, Aya, Saphira and Orik

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  • NJZimmermann

    Even though Murtagh and Thorn were victorious in their battle against Oromis and Glaedr. I would argue that the Glaedr's bitting off the last three feet of Thorn's tail renders both Thorn and Murtagh more vulnerable, of the two I would argue that Thorn is currently the weaker of the two. Thorn lost the last three feet of his tail, the loss of this portion of his tail diminishes both Thorn's offensive and defensive capabilities. 

    Offensively, the distance and range  with which Thorn can employ his tail as a striking weapon akin to a mace, club or flail in an attack wthether the attack is a frontal or posterioiral one has significantly decreased.

    Conversely, from a defensive standpoint, the wound could also weaken Thorn's abilities to defend  …

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