• Magman27

    Elva the new Rider.

    August 22, 2009 by Magman27

    I am very new to this "inheriwiki" but i think i'll do.

    I want to hear others opinion on this thing about Elva:

    I've been wondering who the next rider was gonna be, but the only answer i can find is Elva, and now u might think "why Elva?", well because, we all know that Elva grows at an insane speed, and the new Dragon (lets call it Greeni) would very likely do so too.

    If Arya for instance got Greeni it would take very long time before she could ride it into battle. But Elva could do so almost immediatly.

    So i think its gonna be Elva. please comment, wanna hear what u think. Read more >