• Huthvir

    How will Galbatorix die?

    October 19, 2009 by Huthvir

    Galbatorix has been the main enemy since the beginning of the series.  His death must come in the last book.  It makes sense for Eragon to kill Galbatorix with the sword forged for this reason. Yet, once Eragon stated that even if he had the power to kill Galbatorix he would not do so.  Will pure hatred for this man outway Eragon's loathing for being a judge between life and death? Eragon could use his brains for once.  The fact is Galbatorix is a madman even with all his cleverness.  Because of this, he is likely to look over the simplest rules.  That fact has been brought up in the books a lot.

    Will Eragon kill him? Will Murtagh have a change of heart?  Will Shruikan or Saphira or Thorn slay him in anger for his enslavement of their race?…

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