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    Chapter 1: The final fight

    Chapter 2: Retreat

    Chapter 3: Evacuation

    Chapter 4: The Burning Forest

    Chapter 5: The Dream

    Chapter 6: Alalea

    Chapter 7: Riddance

    Chapter 8: Fifty years later

    Chapter 9: The End Of The Tyrant

    Chapter 10: The Surprised Apprentice

    Chapter 11: Freedom!

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    Book 4 theories

    July 13, 2010 by Grind3r

    Inheritance Title As for the title, CP said that it would be something Eragon would inherit. Sources state that the title could be 'Aren' or 'Arya' or 'Bromsson' or even 'Freedom' or 'Empire'. Nice try. Eragon already has Aren, noone can inherit a person, he already has the name and bloodline, you don't inherit freedom, and Eragon does not wish to lead an empire. What could he inherit? We must think of who he could inherit from.

    • Brom
    • Hrothgar
    • Orik
    • Oromis
    • Islanzadí
    • Eragon I

    And the list goes on. I personally don't think that Orik should die, but opinions dont save lives. Firstly, what could he now inherit from Brom?

    • Undbitr
    • Legacy

    Undbitr would only be inherited for a sentimental purpose, and cannot be important enough to name a book after it. Legacy coul…

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