Inheriwikians, you may have noticed that some pages have an enormously large amount of empty spaces, whether they be at the top bottom, or middle. These are caused by the new Rich Text Editor.

The RTE was produced by Wikia to make editing better and easier. Instead, a bug caused the RTE to have quite a few unwanted side effects.

The first was for it to automatically add spaces, thus making everything spread out.

The second had it adding little &n bsp; things all over the page. While it doesn't harm that much (its the coding for a space), it does make editing a little harder on the eyes, especially if they're all over the place.

How can you counter this? Well, first things first, you can turn it off and use the original editor. To turn it off, go to the MORE section at the top right corner of the screen. Click on "My preferences" and it should take you to a new page. Then, click on a tab labeled "Editing". After that, you can just uncheck the box that says "Enable Rich Text Editing".

Next, if you ever run into pages with a large amount of spaces, you can just delete them. That will help tidy things up a bit.

Lastly, if you see your friends using the RTE, tell them to use the older one, and give them reasons why. It'll all make Inheriwiki a better place to edit.


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