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A chance for Inheriwiki to rise to its former splendor!


We all know that Inheriwiki is half active, half in-active. Recently, while browsing Wikia Central, I found a solution.

We could make Inheriwiki as a Spotlight. In other words, on one of the widgets, we will be advertised, possibly bringing in quite a few editors to check our place out. It will be on for a couple of weeks, so we should get quite a few new users. Of course, even though I'm an admin and could technically request right now, I would like to get the community's decision on this. It would require a few changes, though nothing major.

As a note, I would appreciate it if only registered users voted. You can use the {{Support}}, {{Neutral}}, and {{Oppose}} templates to vote.

May your swords stay sharp, Inheriwiki!


Please keep your comments civil, short, to the point, and good. Thank you!

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