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Love Inheritance? Want to release your creative side a little bit more? Check out Inherifanon!



Thank Inherifanon founder General5 7 for this awesome new wiki. At Inherifanon, you can write your own stories about adventures in Alagaesia. Inherifanon is a great place to get creative and have a great time writing for other people to enjoy. Whether you write a book, or a short story, or even a "web series", adding a new installment each week, Inherifanon is a great place for ALL Inheritance lovers to visit. Have fun reading other people's work, and have some fun writing your own. Inherifanon: creative, fun, Inheritance. Plain and simple.

Check it out here for some great fun!

May your swords stay sharp, Inheriwiki!


Please keep your comments civil, short, to the point, and good. Thank you!

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