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As you all know, this wikia is quite disorganized and such. To counter this, I am proposing that we begin using a Manual of Style.


To start, a Manual of Style (abbreviated as MOS) is a guide for editors on how to properly format articles. Wikipedia, I know, uses it to great effect. Another wikia I've been working on (Halopedia) has also begun using the MOS.

So what does the MOS do? It makes articles appear more professional, and as a result, are easier to read and much neater than others. That way, editors won't just put info willy-nilly all over the page. It becomes more orderly and standardized, and easier on the eye.

As one would say:

"Inheriwiki's articles are of poor organization, grammar and most importantly, quality and readability. Everyday, we've tried to fix these errors/problems left by visiting IPs and new users. Our veteran users (both old and new) combat against these errors/problems and tried to return these articles to normal. However, that is not enough. The real problem is the fact that every article we have in Inheriwiki has no common/standard format."

To see how and what a real MOS would look like, see here for Wikipedia's MOS.

Of course, this all dependent on the community, so please vote whether or not we should have a MOS to supplement our articles.

Remember to use the {{Support}}, {{Neutral}}, and {{Oppose}} templates to vote. As well, I would like registered users to vote.

Thanks for reading, and please vote!

May your swords stay sharp, Inheriwiki!


Please keep your comments civil, short, to the point, and good. Thank you!

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