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    Good-bye everyone!

    April 28, 2011 by General5 7

    Its been so long since I've last been on here. I remember when I first came arrived, that this site was nothing more than abandoned, and since then it has been restored to become an amazing wikia, no doubt because of the community that's worked on it for so long.

    Alas, I wish I could be on here to work with everyone, but I simply do not have the time to do so. So it is with a heavy heart that I resign from my position of admin, and move on to better things. You may see me lurking around at times, but this is probably the last you'll here from me.

    So thanks to everyone (especially Weas-El; you've done an amazing job), and happy editing for the future.

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    Rich Text Editor

    December 23, 2009 by General5 7

    Inheriwikians, you may have noticed that some pages have an enormously large amount of empty spaces, whether they be at the top bottom, or middle. These are caused by the new Rich Text Editor.

    The RTE was produced by Wikia to make editing better and easier. Instead, a bug caused the RTE to have quite a few unwanted side effects.

    The first was for it to automatically add spaces, thus making everything spread out.

    The second had it adding little &n bsp; things all over the page. While it doesn't harm that much (its the coding for a space), it does make editing a little harder on the eyes, especially if they're all over the place.

    How can you counter this? Well, first things first, you can turn it off and use the original editor. To turn it off, …

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    November 29, 2009 by General5 7

    Sorry about the long delay on news.

    First of all, I would like to apologize for the long delay in news. Traffic here has been slow, and life is getting caught up. A lot of info has flashed by, without us reporting, so here's a recap of all the stuff we missed:

    1. For those who want some extra tidbits on Inheritance trivia, here's you're chance to learn something new! The fourth interview from CP gives you some insight into the series, learning little details here and there. You can read the whole thing here!
    1. Next up...birthdays. That's right. CP had his birthday a few weeks ago, November 17th, to be exact. So here's a belated birthday celebration to the guy who started it all!
    1. And lastly, there's a chance to meet CP at a promotional tour for the B…

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    News: Wikia Spotlight

    August 26, 2009 by General5 7

    A chance for Inheriwiki to rise to its former splendor!

    We all know that Inheriwiki is half active, half in-active. Recently, while browsing Wikia Central, I found a solution.

    We could make Inheriwiki as a Spotlight. In other words, on one of the widgets, we will be advertised, possibly bringing in quite a few editors to check our place out. It will be on for a couple of weeks, so we should get quite a few new users. Of course, even though I'm an admin and could technically request right now, I would like to get the community's decision on this. It would require a few changes, though nothing major.

    As a note, I would appreciate it if only registered users voted. You can use the

    Please keep your comments civil, short, to the point, and good. Than…

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    News: New Inherifanon!

    August 22, 2009 by General5 7

    Love Inheritance? Want to release your creative side a little bit more? Check out Inherifanon!

    Thank Inherifanon founder General5 7 for this awesome new wiki. At Inherifanon, you can write your own stories about adventures in Alagaesia. Inherifanon is a great place to get creative and have a great time writing for other people to enjoy. Whether you write a book, or a short story, or even a "web series", adding a new installment each week, Inherifanon is a great place for ALL Inheritance lovers to visit. Have fun reading other people's work, and have some fun writing your own. Inherifanon: creative, fun, Inheritance. Plain and simple.

    Check it out here for some great fun!

    May your swords stay sharp, Inheriwiki!

    Please keep your comments c…

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