We all know that there is more to Angela than we have found out, so I did a little investigating. I found many strange things about ourr favorite herbalist, which I shall mention along with my theories on what they mean. Here's a list of stuff about Angela:

-First and foremost, she's old enough to be considered and adult among the elves. I think that must be at least 100.

-She possesses the knucklebones of a dragon. Where did she get those?

-When sneaking back into the Varden's camp in Eldest, Eragon noted the surprising amount of agility and dexterity she used to get by the Varden's defenses unnoticed.

-Oromis mentioned in Brisingr that she visited Ellesmera. She may even be an elf-friend.

-She has a a huthvir, a weapon ONLY used by Durgrimst Quan.

-And finally, she was apprenticed to Tenga.

Now here are the theories:

1. A Rider who survived the Fall, but had her dragon killed in the process. She has the knucklebones of a dragon, the ability to use magic, has been to Ellesmera, is at least 100 years old, has a surprising amount of agility, and has met Oromis. These all support this theory.

2. Member of the Forsworn who realized Galbatorix was evil and went into hiding, possibly Kialandi. This is supported by all the evidence listed above.

3. Grey Folk, elf, or half elf. Supported by her age, agility, and visit to Ellesmera.

4. Relative of Eragon's. No evidence, just noticed a "family trend" in important charactors.

5. Selena. I don't believe this, but everyone else is saying it so I put it on here.

Well, those are my ideas. If you find flaws in them or want to add any theories or evidence, feel free to make a comment! =D

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