every time we see eragon rush to a war, show some initial fireworks and then both he and saphira get utterly exhausted, have a bit sentimental dialogue between them and then with some luck and help somehow survive the situations. every time we see his fuel go empty in the middle of the war and he doesn't even learn from his previous experiences that he needs a backup. here i thought of a simple strategy which can be extremely effective against everybody else other than galb.

first thing eragon needs to increase his backup energy reserves. since the precious stones can hold near infinite amount of energy (remember the gem on naegling was able to hold an energy that was continuously poured into it for almost a century) why doesn't he go to a big forest like in the beors or similar one and take as much energy as he can from both the trees and animals nearby him into his gems taking care as to leave them with just sufficient energy to live on. also he can have a backup of about a hundred kull (since they seem to have very high stamina and easily available to eragon and he can make them swear loyalty to him in ancient language for safety) and a host of big animals which are to be fed continuously and then their energy can be emptied into the gems in his belt and on his sword leaving them just enough energy so that they can continue eating and once again regain strength. all this energy can be of tremendous help in the battlefield against all his opponents except galb for he has his own very huge capacity backups that can be recharged with no effort. once in a while he can return to his camp near the war area and replenish his energy reserves. also he can set a spellcaster (of course by making him swear loyalty in AL that he wouldn't divulge the secret under any circumstances) at the kitchen to collect all the energy of the animals that are being killed. these are a few of my ideas to increase eragon's chances.anybody has got other ideas?

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