The Urgal language was a simple one: however, many of the words used were unpronounceable to non-Urgals.

Character of the languageEdit

Few Urgal words were known, as Urgals did not often converse with other races. Most of the words that were known by outsiders were related to war.


Urgal English
Ahgrat ukmar It is done
Drajl Spawn of maggots
Herndal Urgal dams who rule their tribes
Ithrö Zhâda Rebel Doom
Kaz jtierl razhid Do not attack
Namna Woven strips containing Urgal family narratives that are placed by the entrances to their huts
Nar A gender-title of great respect
Otrag bagh Circle him
Uluthrek Mooneater
Urgralgra Urgals' name for themselves (literally: "those with horns")
Ushnark Father

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