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Unidentified Imperial Soldier 2
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Height Medium
Hair Color Yellow
Eye Color Unknown
Chronological and political information
Affiliation Broddring Empire
Family Unknown
"I'm telling you I saw something!"
— Unidentfied Imperial Soldier on spotting Eragon

This soldier was a part of a patrol of Galbatorix's soldiers roaming the land. Eragon was retruning to the Varden after facing the Ra'zac when he passed through the same area. To avoid detection Eragon hid behind a group of drooping branches, but to no avail, this soldier spotted him and halted the soldiers. When he went to check out the disturbance, Eragon muttered a spell making him invisible. When the soldier removed the branches, to his confusion, he found nothing there. He jabbed his spear into the thicket, missing Eragon's face by less than an inch, then returned the branches to their original spot and left, arguing with Derwood.

Appearence Edit

He was of medium height, with ruddy cheeks and a yellow beard. He wore a red tunic emroidered with gold thread in the outline of a jagged tongue of fire, like every member of Galbatorixs army. He wore a helmet, a tapered shield and a leather brigadine, indicating that he was no more than a footman. He bore a spear and a longsword on his left hip and rode a bay charger.

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