No image
Unidentifed Imperial Magician 1
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Unknown
Eye Color Unknown
Chronological and political information
Affiliation Broddring Empire
Family Unknown

During the Battle of the Burning Plains, Eragon, along with the Du Vrangr Gata, searched for enemy Magicians. When a member of the Du Vrangr Gata found the first enemy spellcaster, Eragon was alerted and immediately reached out to the woman who made the discovery and from there to the foe she grappled with. Using all of his power, Eragon demolished the Magician's resistance, took control of his mind, determined which troops the man was guarding and slew the man with one of the Twelve Words of Death. Eragon then located the minds of each of the now unprotected soldiers and killed them.

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