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Major Species Humans, Elves, Dwarves, Urgals, Dragons, Spirits, Werecats, Ra'zac, Giants (extinct), Grey Folk (extinct), other
Location N/A
Terrain Mountains, Grassland, Coastland, Desert, Forest
Climate Temperate, Continental, Semi-arid, Arid
Main Industry Farming, other
Capital N/A
Government Empire, Monarchy
Head of State Several leaders

The World was the vast earth-sized planet that housed the continents of Alagaësia and Alalëa, among others. The world, however, extended beyond those two lands. The land south of the Beor Mountains, north of Du Weldenvarden, east of the Edda River, and west of the Sea remained undiscovered during Eragon's day. The world harbored a large amount of lifeforms. It is possible that the werecats and Ra'zac came from one of these unknown nations. It was also a magical land, where many people employed the arts. Eragon eventually departed Alagaësia to find a home for the newly established Dragon Riders. It is unknown where he settled, but he departed from Hedarth, heading east.

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