The Dwarves believed in deities. They controlled various elements of nature and life. In the Supernatural War, they fought the prehistoric giants. After that conflict, they created the various races.

"Gûntera may be King of the Gods, but it is Helzvog who holds our hearts. It was he who felt that the land should be peopled after the giants were vanquished. The other gods disagreed, but Helzvog ignored them and, in secret, formed the first dwarf from the roots of a mountain. When his deed was discovered, jealousy swept the gods and Gûntera created the elves to control Alagaësia for himself. Then Sindri brought forth humans from the soil, and Urur and Morgothal combined their knowledge and released dragons into the land. Only Kilf restrained herself. So the first races entered the world."
Gannel to Eragon

The dwarves have six deities. They are:


Gûntera, King of the deities. He was the husband of the goddess Kílf. The dwarves made sacrifices to him in order to ensure his favor. Gûntera was against the creation of people to inhabit Alagaësia: later on, though, after Helzvog defied his order and created the dwarves, Gûntera created the elves.


Helzvog, god of stone. He was most beloved of the dwarves. Helzvog created the dwarf from stone.


Kílf, goddess of water. She was the mate of Gûntera and was the only one who restrained herself from forming a race. The dwarves associate her with water lilies and coral. She was described as having flowing hair and merry eyes.


Morgothal, god of fire. He was brother to Urûr and he and his brother created the dragon. In the third book, Brisingr, Eragon had met a dwarven deity, which was then revealed to be Gûntera. Speculation before the book's release was that Morgothal would be the one Eragon met because he is the god of fire, brisingr. Dwarves believe that honored dwarf warriors dine in Morgothal's Hall when they die.


Sindri, goddess of the earth. She created humans from the earth.


Urûr, god of the heavens and the air, brother to Morgothal and the creator of the dragons. According to the dwarven priest Gannel, no one of the two brothers can live without each other.

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