Terrin was a Male Dragon Rider spoken of by Angela The Herbalist in a story she was sharing with twelve Urgals(Four kull including Nar Garzhvog), as well as 'Several dozen' Werecats. In the story Angela also makes reference to the Red-eyed Rabbits and how they killed Terrin's friend Hord near Kvôth as Terrin was helping Dwarves defend the settlement from another Dwarvern clan during the War of Iron. Terrin was then known as the 'Hero of the siege of Kvôth'.

Terrin as a Dragon Rider Edit

Terrin is described within Angela's story to also be partnered with the Dragon Mimring, whom had unique scales that had become 'clear as diamonds' from flying close to the sun while travelling over the Beor Mountains to gain the support of the dragons in the defense of Kvôth.

Angela also confesses that Terrin remained scared of Rabbits, 'even into his old age'.

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