Teleportation was the art of using magic to transfer objects to another location without going through the space in between. According to Oromis, teleportation is a complex and powerful magic reserved for advanced spellcasters. The words necessary to teleport an object are unknown as of Brisingr.


The magician or sorcerer would recite several words and the object they wished to teleport would flash with light and disappear. When it reached its destination, the object would reappear with a flash of light and a loud explosion, disturbing and burning things in close proximity to it.


Teleportation was quite useful because it could be used to send objects and messages to other people without risk of them being overtaken or stolen by enemies, or to send items of importance away from oneself before being captured, as Arya did.

Teleportation is unique in that the energy required does not increase with distance. It does, however, require a large amount of energy and transporting something as large as a Dragon egg would "leave one too exhausted to move", according to Oromis.

Role in the booksEdit

This art was used by Arya while protecting Saphira's egg from Durza. Eragon later learned to teleport while visiting Oromis in Ellesméra.

Users of this magicEdit

Confirmed to use teleportation:

Probably used teleportation:

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