Tea plants

Tea plants

Tea was a non-alcoholic beverage that was enjoyed by many inhabitants of Alagaësia. It was particularly fashionable to offer it to guests by the middle class.

Types of TeaEdit

Blackberry TeaEdit

Blackberry Tea was drunk by the elves, namely Oromis.

Blueberry TeaEdit

Blueberry Tea was drunk by Oromis and Eragon in Du Weldenvarden.

Mint TeaEdit

Mint tea was made by Garrow and drunk by Roran and Eragon.

Nettle TeaEdit

Nettle Tea was drunk in Ellesméra by Arya and Eragon in Tialdarí Hall.

Red-Clover TeaEdit

Red-Clover Tea was made from the Red-Clover plant, which was found in Surda. Jeod made it for Eragon in his tent in the camp of the Varden.

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