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Major Species Dwarves
Location West
Terrain Mountains
Climate N/A
Main Industry Farming
Capital N/A
Government N/A
Head of State N/A

Tarnag was a dwarven city northwest of Farthen Dûr. It was built on a series of terraces carved out of the side of the mountain.

Geography Edit

Tarnag had lower terraces that are used for farmland. On the upper terraces are the shops and homes, made out of many colored stone. The bricks are thick with carvings of things like animals. Above these buildings is the dome of the great temple Celbedeil. At the base of the valley is a lake out of which flows the great river, the Âz Ragni. The outer wall is forty feet thick with a total of five gates, one after the other defend the city.

History Edit

Tarnag was one of the dwarven cities that was abandoned from Galbatorix's rise to Morzan's death. It was also home to the clans Dûrgrimst Quan, Dûrgrimst Ragni Hefthyn, and Dûrgrimst Az Sweldn rak Anhûin.

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