Sunrise is the 58th and final chapter of Brisingr. It takes place from the point of view of Eragon.

Summary Edit

Eragon, Saphira, and Arya escort Lady Lorana to Nasuada, and encounter Blödhgarm and Eragon's other Elf-guards. They inform Blödhgarm and the other elves of the death of Oromis and Glaedr. Seeing the capture of Lady Lorana, the remaining members of the Empire's army surrender. Jörmundur is summoned and he assumes the care of Lady Lorana. Eragon and the others then search Feinster and locate Nasuada. Eragon informs Nasuada of his tutelage under Oromis and Glaedr, giving a full and detailed account leading up to the revelation of the existence of the Eldunarí, the truth about Brom being his father, and the death of Oromis and Glaedr. Nasuada expresses her displeasure that Islanzadí never saw fit to inform her of the hearts of hearts and Arya agrees that she will speak with her mother on the matter. Nasuada tells Eragon that his greatest priority is finding a way to separate Galbatorix from his many Eldunarí, and also that she thinks he and Brom "share a certain resemblance" and asks to see Glaedr's Eldunarí. Eragon obliges, though the glow of the heart of hearts is described as being "dim and feeble, as if Glaedr were barely conscious." However, when Arya whispers something to it in the Ancient Language, Glaedr's consciousness seems to flare slightly. Eragon asks Nasuada what will happen next, and she says that next they will march north to Belatona and capture it, then onward to the Empire's remaining cities, eventually either capturing Urû'baen, or dying in the process.

Following their visit with Nasuada, Eragon and Saphira head for the Varden's camp. As they walk along, they reflect that they are alone, the last free Rider and dragon. At first Eragon incapacitated over grief but then is gripped by a desire to see the city in the light of day. He and Saphira proceed to a parapet and watch the sunrise for about an hour. As Eragon is warmed by the sun, he decides that he and Saphira are not alone. They have Arya, Glaedr and many others to support them. Saphira agrees and they decide that they can do this and that Galbatorix isn't invulnerable. Eragon lifts Glaedr's Eldunarí over his head and looks forward to the battles to come.

1. The Gates of Death | 2. Around the Campfire | 3. Assault on Helgrind | 4. Divergence | 5. Rider and Ra'zac | 6. To Walk the Land Alone | 7. The Trial of the Long Knives | 8. Winged Tidings | 9. Escape and Evasion | 10. A Delicate Matter | 11. Bloodwolf | 12. Mercy, Dragon Rider | 13. Shadows of the Past | 14. Amid the Restless Crowd | 15. To Answer a King | 16. A Feast with Friends | 17. Intersecting Sagas | 18. Making Amends | 19. Gifts of Gold | 20. I Need a Sword! | 21. Unexpected Guests | 22. Fire in the Sky | 23. Man and Wife | 24. Whispers in the Night | 25. Orders | 26. Footprints of Shadow | 27. Over Hill and Mountain | 28. For My Love | 29. A Forest of Stone | 30. The Laughing Dead | 31. Blood on the Rocks | 32. A Matter of Perspective | 33. Kiss me Sweet | 34. Glûmra | 35. Clanmeet | 36. Insubordination | 37. Message in a Mirror | 38. Four Strokes upon the Drum | 39. Reunion | 40. Ascension | 41. Words of Wisdom | 42. The Whipping Post | 43. Among the Clouds | 44. Butting Heads | 45. Genealogy | 46. Two Lovers Doomed | 47. Inheritance | 48. Souls of Stone | 49. Hands of a Warrior | 50. The Tree of Life | 51. Mind over Metal | 52. A Rider in Full | 53. Greaves and Bracers | 54. Leave-taking | 55. Flight | 56. Brisingr! | 57. Shadow of Doom | 58. Sunrise

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