Slaves in the Inheritance cycle were unfree people, treated as the property of their "owner". They could be any age, gender, or even race. Most slaves were found in the Hadarac Desert or small towns and captured by slavers, who would then sell them to wealthy people in big cities, mainly Dras-Leona. Slaves were often separated from their family and sold to wealthy buyers who used them for hard labor and as servants. Most of the slaves were of nomadic or remote tribes that roamed the Hadarac Desert. In Dras-Leona, slaves were used as sacrifices to their deities.

Eragon encountered slaves up for auction while in Dras-Leona, during his search for the Ra'zac with Brom, shortly before meeting Murtagh. On more than one occasion Eragon expressed feelings of extreme loathing regarding slavers and made it his personal mission to rid Alagaësia of them.

The Riders abolished the slave trade during the time that they were active. According to Brom, however, it has flourished since the rise of the Empire.

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