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Skulblakas ven is the word in the ancient language for "Dragon sight". The literal translation is "Scale Flapper Sight". It can be used to allow the Rider and dragon to see through each other's eyes, or temporarily enhance the Rider's sense of sight to match that of the dragon.


Brom describes it as when a dragon and its rider see as one. One of two effects will happen with the Skulblakas ven is initiated: allow the Rider and Dragon to see through each other's eyes, or temporarily enhance the Rider's sense of sight to match that of the dragon. When the Rider is using the magic, his eyes turn the same color as his dragon.


A rider and dragon often bonded more closely by using Skulblakas ven. But more practical was the ability for human Dragon Riders to see as well as any elf or dragon. A Dragon Rider could use the power to zoom in on distant sights, see better in the dark, or track others by their body heat. During this period, colors that matched the scales of the Rider's dragon would be more vivid, while certain other colors would be dull and subdued. For example, when Eragon uses Skulblakas ven, blues are more vivid because they match Saphira's scales, while reds and greens are less vivid. If the Rider's dragon is injured when he is using the Sight, his vision will flicker and the spell will fail, returning the Rider to their usual eyesight.

Role in the booksEdit

During the chapter, "Through a Dragon's Eye", Eragon and Saphira used a more extreme form of Skulblakas ven, to the point where she literally pulled him into her body and allowed him to see from her eyes. However, this act was caused by her mental powers, and no incantation was used.

Role in the movieEdit

Eragon used Skulablakas ven to alter his vision not only when flying on Saphira, but also while fighting Durza at Tronjheim and looking for Arya in Gil'ead.

Users of this magicEdit

Probably used Skulblakas ven:

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