Spoiler Brisingr
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Siege of Feinster
Part of: Rider War
Place Feinster
Result Varden Victory
The Empire Varden
Bolvek Tribe
Dwarf Clans
Carvahall villagers
Lady Lorana
Roran Stronghammer
Jeod Longshanks
~20,000–30,000 45,000–75,000
Severe, most soldiers killed, many captured Moderate, some soldiers killed

The Siege of Feinster was a battle fought during the Rider War. The Varden sought to capture Feinster from the Empire: for three days they attacked the city, to no avail.

Arya convinced Nasuada to launch an assault while she and Blödhgarm sneaked into the city and opened its gates. Although, the Elves were spotted and many warriors were sent to kill them the timely intervention of Eragon and Saphira prevented them from being killed. Eragon first used the sword Brisingr in this battle. Eragon tried to reason with the soldiers while Arya and Blödhgarm opened the gates and managed to convince some warriors protecting the city to surrender to the Varden.

With the gates open, the Varden stormed into the city. Eragon and Saphira engaged in street fighting, fighting through defenders to reach the keep. Eragon came across some of King Orrin's men looting and stealing valuables from a well-appointed mansion. This greatly angered Eragon, and he said that they were there to help these people, not steal from them, and that if he found anyone else stealing from the residents he would have them strung up and whipped for the thieves they were. This scared the looters, and they hurried to put back their plunder.

Upon reaching the keep, they found many of the Varden already there. Saphira jumped the wall to eliminate the catapults that were harassing them. Eragon used his sword's ability to burst into flames and cut open the gate allowing them to enter the keep. There, Eragon, Saphira, and Arya attacked the keep in order to capture Lady Lorana, the lady of Feinster. Inside, they found three Imperial spellcasters linking their powers to create a Shade. Although Eragon and Arya tried to stop the spellcasters' creation, they failed. With a great deal of aid from Eragon, Arya managed to kill the Shade, Varaug. During the battle, Eragon and Saphira witnessed the death of Glaedr and Oromis through Glaedr's Eldunarí, received from the golden dragon. With the death of the Shade and the surrender of Lady Lorana, Feinster was captured by the Varden.

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