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Creator(s) Mike Macauley
Website URL
Launch Date January 11, 2004
Focus General fansite
Status online is an Inheritance cycle fansite that has been online since January 11, 2004. It is run by webmaster Mike Macauley and a large staff of administrators, moderators, and editors. Currently, is the largest and, arguably, the most popular Inheritance fansite on the web. In February 2010, Shur' had server issues and was temporarily offline. Its servers also failed and went offline when they announced the title and release date of the fourth book Inheritance, due to the large quantities of traffic, but the servers were back up less than a day later.


  • Podcast - Manin, Wyrda, Hugin (unofficially Shurtycast) is a podcast produced by the site staff. The podcast is currently ranked #31 out of all talk radio podcasts on iTunes.
  • Fan Fiction - The Shur'tugal fanfiction archive hosts Inheritance-themed stories by over five hundred contributors
  • Fan Art - a gallery of fan-submitted digital and conventional artwork
  • Galleries - a large collection of Inheritance-related images, such as screenshots, promotional pictures, and scans
  • Top Sites - a network for other Inheritance sites
  • Inheritance Forums - a large forum for discussion of theories and fanfiction connected to the main site
  • Shurtugal Wiki - a fan edited MediaWiki encyclopedia on the Inheritance cycle.
    • While certain staff were unaware of Inheriwiki at the time of the start of PIE about one year after the start of Inheriwiki, it is confirmed that the knowledge of the existence of Inheriwiki beforehand would not have changed the decision to start PIE as a competing project and site.
  • Fan Fiction Forums - a place where authors from the fan fiction site hang out and talk about other books, general topics, and the Inheritance cycle. Also hosts Writers Workshops
  • Shurtugal Chat - a chat system that has movie discussion, general discussion, and trivia
  • Shurtugal Store - an online store that sells signed copies of the Inheritance books, Shurtugal shirts, hoodies, and more

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