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Shrrgnien was a dwarf who, as a member of the guard sent by Ûndin, accompanied Eragon on part of his journey to Du Weldenvarden. Eragon considered Shrrgnien's name unpronounceable, although he was told that it meant "Wolfheart". He owned Ascûdgamln, or fists of steel.

Shrrgnien inquired of Eragon whether or not humans had "only" five toes on each foot, as legend said. After Eragon showed him, Shrrgnien went up and talked to Ama and Hedin, who handed him "several silver coins", causing Eragon to think he was part of a bet.

Shrrgnien had only a rudimentary understanding of the common human language in Alagaësia, and often needed another dwarf to translate for him when he talked to Eragon.

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