Shielding spells were very powerful, temporary wards used to block very strong attacks. Shielding spells are not to be confused with wards, shielding blessings or shielding curses. The word used to create a shielding spell was most likely "Skölir", or "Sköliro" meaning shield and shielded, respectively.


The magician or sorcerer would summon their strength, say the incantation, and a wall of energy would form around them, temporarily rendering them almost invincible. Only the strongest of attacks could affect him in this state.


Shielding spells could block all but the strongest of attacks, shield others from harm and grant temporary semi-invincibility if the caster was strong enough. Also, they did not require spells to remove them: the caster could simply end the magic whenever they wanted, unlike wards.

However, shielding spells had disadvantages. Unlike wards, they were only temporary and thus, an enemy could get in an attack if they feinted the spellcaster into putting up their shielding spell, then dropping it. Also, if the magician protected someone else with them, they would lose strength whenever that person was attacked, much like if they had put wards around them.

Roles in the booksEdit

Several dwarf magicians attempted to protect Hrothgar during the Battle of the Burning Plains with shielding spells. When Murtagh, champion of the Broddring Empire, attacked Hrothgar with magic, they pooled their strength to protect him. Though the enchantment was very strong, the dwarves were no match for Murtagh and killed almost instantly, along with the king they had futilely tried to protect.

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