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Semi-passive magic was a form of spellcasting that could not be used consciously, but would allow the user to perform unparalleled feats of magic.

Description Edit

Semi-passive magic works like normal spellcasting, but does not require the Ancient Language and usually requires physical contact with the spell's target, though not always.

Uses Edit

Semi-passive magic could do things no other type of magic could do. However, it came at the price that it couldn't be used on a whim, but only when they had to or when inspiration struck them. As of the end of Brisingr, the only known users of Semi-passive magic have been dragons. It's quite possible that semi-passive magic is a modified variant of Wild magic explaining why its so unpredictable and extremely powerful as well as uncontrollable, also it explains why only dragons can have it (as dragons are the most magical creatures in Alagaësia). Dragons are not the origin of magic though and the only affected races of the Blood-Oath were the Elves, dragons, and the riders of the dragons, even though the Blood Oath was manipulated to include Humans and later Dwarfs and urgal, they were never directly affected by this manipulation and thus never had extended powers of magic or other traits as the elves had.

Role in the books Edit

  • Long before the events of the Inheritance Cycle, the wild dragons used semi-passive magic to banish the names of the Forsworn's dragons, turning them into thoughtless beasts.
  • Saphira used her semi-passive magic to turn Brom's tomb into pure diamond via Element transformation.
  • Saphira used her semi-passive magic to create the mark on Elva's forehead.
  • Saphira used her semi-passive magic yet again to fix the Star Sapphire.
  • During a battle with Thorn and Murtagh, Glaedr used semi-passive magic to break the restraining spells laid on him by Galbatorix and send Thorn and Murtagh flying like windblown leaves. However, neither of them was hurt by the magic.

Users of this magic Edit

Confirmed to use semi-passive magic Edit

Probably used semi-passive magic Edit

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