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The progression of science throughout Alagaësia has been mainly maintained by the Elves and, previously, Dragon Riders.



  • The force of gravity has been discovered by the elves, as well as the phenomenon of electricity.
  • To an extent, dragons and elves have determined that the air that they breathe in and the air that they exhale are different gases.
  • Elves know that stars shine during the day, but are unable to be seen due to the relative brightness of the sun.
  • Every animal has at least a primitive form of brain activity.
  • Matter is almost like stored energy (Most likely nuclear fission/fusion).


  • Orrin has discovered the concept of a lack of matter (vacuum).
  • The primitive concepts behind a whirlpool of water. (I.e.  interacting tidal forces are the cause of a whirlpool.)
  • Angela has discovered that Heat is just another form of energy, and vice versa, and also that time is (technically) a form of motion.


  • The wild dragons, in particular, have discovered that the world is round.
  • The dragons have discovered that the higher you go in the atmosphere, the sparser the air is, and once you pass a point, you need magic to be able to breathe further.
  • The Eldunarí of Valdr discovered that solid matter was mostly empty space (the space between an atom's nucleus and its electrons).


  • Progression has been uneven, and does not match up with logical progressions.

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