Spoiler Eldest
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Sagabato-no Inapashunna Fadawar
Physical description
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Unknown
Eye Color Unknown
Chronological and political information
Affiliation Varden
Family Nasuada, Ajihad (brother-in-law)

Fadawar was the chief of one of the nomadic, dark-skinned human tribes that supported the Varden, the Inapashunna. He was also Nasuada's cousin on her mother's side. After the Battle of The Burning Plains, he spoke for all of the nomadic tribes of Nasuada's kinsmen to ask for positions of leadership in the Varden. Nasuada refused, saying that the tribes had contributed very little to the Varden, and she couldn't give such positions simply because Fadawar and the others were related to her.

Fadawar was enraged and challenged Nasuada for the right to lead the Varden by the Trial of the Long Knives. He lost this trial, and by doing so, he lost the right to lead his own tribe, which Nasuada restored herself. Nasuada's success also ensured that more people saw her as a good leader, including Elessari.

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