The rock bullet was a spell that involved the magician or sorcerer manipulating rocks to throw at opponents. The words to use the rock bullet where "stenr reisa" or "stenr rïsa", probably followed with "gánga", "thrautha", or a similar word. Oromis apparently knew how to use rock bullets, since he mentioned that one of the main uses of wards was to block them.


The magician would pick up a small stone using their Magic, then thrust it forward towards their target with incredible speed.


The rock bullet was a very useful spell for magicians and Dragon Riders not experienced enough to learn the Twelve Words of Death. By aiming and directing the rock properly, Eragon could kill most enemies with only a small amount of energy with perfect reliability.

However, like the death words, the rock bullet was fairly easy to block. One of the simplest application of wards was to block objects that moved towards them at high speeds, thus rendering them immune to rock bullets except for a small loss of energy.

Role in the booksEdit

The first magical exercise Brom ever had Eragon undertake was levitating a pebble. Once Eragon became more advanced, he could aim and shoot the pebble with magic. He and Brom hunted in this manner, by firing rock bullets at deer and other game. Once Eragon learned the Twelve Words of Death, he stopped using the rock bullets.

Brom later chastised Eragon for using the Jierda strike on the urgals who attacked them instead of firing rock bullets at them.

Oromis listed blocking rock bullets as one of the most fundamental uses of a ward.

Users of this magicEdit

Confirmed to use rock bullets:

Probably used rock bullets:

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