There were a number of roads in Alagaësia connecting villages and cities of the Empire to each other. Mostly they were simple paths wide enough for a horse. However as they got closer to cities they got wider for more people to ride on as well more muddy and full of stray wagon wheels that delay travel, due to the countless wagons and horses traveling there. There appeared to be no paved roads however, except for the Unidentified road.

There were less roads to the north of the Empire as there were fewer cities and villages. To the south there were more villages and cities and the roads were likely to be more frequently traveled.

One road starts in Carvahall, goes past Garrow's farm and into Therinsford and past Utgard Mountain. After going into the plains the road forks, one road goes north to Ceunon and the other goes south to Yazuac. After Yazuac, the road turns to Daret and south to Teirm. Near Teirm another fork appears, one to Teirm and the other to Urû'baen. Once at Teirm the road goes south again to Dras-Leona, Belatona, and Kuasta. More roads connect the many villages and cities in the south then go north to Urû'baen and up to Gil'ead. Then the road goes around the Isenstar Lake and back up to Ceunon.

Dwarf tunnelsEdit

The Dwarves tunnelled extensively through the Beor Mountains since their founder Korgan made his way to them, thus making it possible to walk to one end of the Beor Mountains to the other without seeing them. The entrances to the surface of the earth were sealed up after Galbatorix killed off the Dragon Riders. According to Eragon the tunnels had excellent precision and didn't move an inch from their course. Eragon concluded that this was Dwarven work, not human.

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