Retaliation is the 12th chapter of Eldest. It takes the point of view of Roran.

Summary Edit

The villagers of Carvahall begin distributing weapons and Roran recalls a story of Brom's, "The Song of Gerand" which tells of a great warrior simply fighting with a hammer at one point. Roran, inspired by it, picks up a hammer of Horst's as his weapon of choice. They go to the edge of the Ra'zac's camp, which has but four sentries. While four people simultaneously attack the sentries Horst leads the charge with the rest of the fighters into the camp. The Ra'zac scramble out of their tent, only to be caught up in the soldier's chaotic fleeing and they too turn and run. Roran and Horst discover Nolfavrell sobbing over the body of a soldier he's repeatedly stabbing in the chest.

They decide to fortify Carvahall, anticipating the return of soldiers and the Ra'zac. Most, if not all, of Carvahall is massed by the edge of the village, looking at the aftermath. Thane points out the inevitable vengeance that will be brought on them and Sloan suggests forfeiting Roran to them. Birgit and Horst defend the actions, reminding everyone of the havok wreaked by the desecrators. They go to begin fortification and forty more men eagerly volunteer to help defend Carvahall. Katrina finds Roran and he admits that he was foolish and any time they spend together is important.

A Ra'zac returns and is sitting a distance outside Carvahall. He is spotted and launches a vial which hits the wagon next to Roran and explodes, sending him flying. When Roran rises he sees the Ra'zac speeding into Carvahall, slashing at villagers. The soldiers pour into the village and Roran quickly attacks them while calling for everyone to rally around him. The villagers shortly form a line more than a hundred strong. The Ra'zac taunt the villagers and Roran feels himself become mysteriously lethargic and fatigued. A rock is thrown at the Ra'zac which frees Roran from the lethargy slightly. He throws his hammer at them and though it is caught on one of the Ra'zac's shields it is enough to free him. The Ra'zac and soldiers retreat. Baldor, who is standing on the middle of the road in Carvahall, calls for everyone to join him. Roran arrives to find a Ra'zac twenty yards away from the village. The Ra'zac says to Roran he smells like his cousin. He continues, saying they want information and gives a choice; release Roran and become slaves or protect him and be eaten. He says the villagers have till their return to decide.




3 soldiers killed

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