Restraining spells were incantations that were used to chain enemies in place. There were over a dozen words of binding that could be used to this purpose, including, "letta" and "malthinae." A skilled spellcaster could also use "rïsa" to immobilize an enemy in mid-air.


The magician would use one of the words and invisible bonds would be strapped around the target, preventing them from moving. It could also hold an enemy's mouth shut or lift them into the air, with some clever application.


Restraining spells were an almost infallible way to immobilize enemies without Magic or those with less advanced magic. A skilled magician could break free of the magic, however, if they used non-verbal manipulation or reduction spells.

Role in the booksEdit

When training Eragon, Oromis used a deep incantation (probably one of the greater words of binding) to chain Eragon's calves in place, then instructed him to try to free himself. It was during this lesson that Eragon learned to use process spells instead of absolutes.

While in Ellesméra, Eragon used the spell "malthinae" to chain Vanir's limps and mouth so he couldn't attack or utter a counterspell. However, he was unable to restrain Vanir for long, because the elf used non-verbal manipulation to clout Eragon with either a Jierda strike or an air bomb.

During his battle with Eragon, Murtagh used "letta" to immobilize his brother and "rïsa" to hold Saphira in mid-air. Galbatorix demonstrated a much more powerful version of this spell, when he held Glaedr and Oromis and elevated them and Murtagh about a ten thousand or a hundred feet and held them in place in Brisingr.

Users of this magicEdit

Confirmed to use restraining spells:

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